In Praise of Coffee

13 Jun

7.00 a.m.: your dog chewed your brand new shoes… again!

11.00 a.m.: meeting with Country Manager to discuss your project… hold on, wasn’t it tomorrow?!?

5.00 p.m.: your boyfriend is stuck at work: bye bye to the Argentinian restaurant…

With a day like this ahead of you, may the exquisite force of chocolate and coffee be with you!

use the force

What comes to your mind when you hear “Italian excellence”? Fashion? Art? Fine cuisine? Poetry? All of this and much more! Maybe it’s because I’m sipping one while writing this, but I’d say right away COFFEE! I bet we’re all more than familiar with that feeling of disappointment and frustration when ordering a coffee abroad. That watery coffee flavoured drink is just a distant relative of the original Italian espresso and the worst part comes when, with a glimpse of satisfaction in their eyes, the foreign hosts ask you: “So, what do you think of my coffee?”

That’s the moment when you realise that lying is sometimes the best option and you let your naïve smile disguise what actually crosses your mind: Nice try. Better luck next time.

As a coffee buff, I always appreciate new coffee-based beverages and desserts, especially when created to be practical, portable and ready to use when you most need a rush of blood to the head.

With 80 years’ experience in coffee making, illy seems to get what I mean by launching a full range of premium coffee beverages to satisfy every need: pure coffee for a mental boost; with frothy milk for that creamy taste; mochaccino for indulgence.

Mmmm… I’ll go for a mochaccino, thanks.


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