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Halloween Dracula’s teeth

24 Oct

Looking for a Halloween menu? Here are some ideas to have fun with your kids and their friends in the kitchen by making the spookiest treats of the season with simple ingredients! So put on your scariest apron and get your children help you with these terrifying creations!

Dracula's teeth

Ingredients (for 1 cookie)

  • 1 chocolate chip cookie
  • ½ cup of buttercream or marzipan (or any type of icing)
  • 1 bottle of red food colouring
  • 6 mini marshmallows
  • 1 cup of slivered almonds

Pour a few drops of food colouring in the bowl with buttercream (or marzipan) and mix it up vigorously until it all gets nice and red.

Cut the cookie in half: these two pieces will become the upper and lower jaw. Put the buttercream in a pastry bag, or just use a palette knife to apply the buttercream on each cookie half. Then pipe the buttercream along the cookie edge to make the gum and gently push the mini marshmallows in it. Arrange the marshmallows one next to the other to make them look like a row of teeth.

Pipe the other half of your cookie and place it right on top of the marshmallows, giving it a little bit of squeeze.

The last finishing step is to add “Dracula’s fangs”, by simply pushing two slivered almonds into the frosting.

English flag Plurals

Formare il plurale dei sostantivi in inglese è piuttosto semplice: nella maggior parte dei casi, basta aggiungere una -s alla fine della parola.

recipe – recipes           almond – almonds             spoon – spoons

Esistono, poi, delle eccezioni a seconda della lettera con cui termina la parola, vediamole:

Type of noun

Plural form


Nouns ending in -s, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x, -z
-es kiss – kisses, tax- taxes
Nouns ending in vowel + y -s boy – boys, tray – trays
Nouns ending in consonant + y -ies lady – ladies, baby – babies
Nouns ending in –f or -fe -ves knife – knives, half – halves

A complicare tutto arrivano come sempre i sostantivi irregolari, parole che hanno una forma completamente diversa al plurale. Ne sono tanti e, non chiedetemi perchè, molti di questi appartengono alle categorie alimenti e animali
Ecco alcuni esempi:

Tooth- Teeth                    Fungus – Fungi                 Sheep – Sheep
Octopus- Octopi              Deer – Deer                       Fish – Fish
Louse – Lice                     Man – Men                        Woman – Women
Foot – Feet                       Cod – Cod                           Ox – Oxen
Mouse – Mice                  Goose – Geese                   Child – Children



Halloween recipes

21 Oct

Halloween is at the door and whether you like this feast or not, one thing is for sure: children do like it. Originally born as a Celtic feast when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts, it has become nowadays a celebration extremely popular all over the world, especially among kids, for whom any opportunity to eat sweets, dress up and light bonfires is always welcome.

So, here are some easy-to-make Halloween recipes to have some fun with your kids in the kitchen and get them helping to make some creepy creations. What a better way to spend some quality time with your kids and make sure they don’t set the couch on fire with their friends? It was just a little Holloween bonfire…
worms of the earth

Worms of the Earth

Ingredients (for 2 cups)

  • 150 gr Philadelphia with Milka
  • 6 Oreo biscuits
  • 4 jelly worms
  • dark cocoa powder

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